Altai Advanced Credentialing Solution

Altai supports credentialing in two ways:



  1. In a basic Continuing Education (CE) module that is easy to configure and automatic to use
  2. In an Advanced Credentialing Solution


Altai’s Advanced Credentialing Solution (ACS) is built upon Microsoft CRM and is comprised of a group of modules that are combined to make up a very flexible solution. The ACS is designed so that the configuration of complex business rules, portal forms and requirements are all created in CRM without custom code!


Our CRM Credentialing Modules consist of the following:



Brief Description

Altai CE

Altai ACS

Member/Certificate Management

Manages the Member and his/her respective organization(s) at any level. Dues & Application Management, Marketing Communication, Workflow Automation, Reporting, Security, etc.

Event Management

Keeps track of Simple and Complex Events, Learning Events and Classes. Supports Sessions, Sponsorships, Booth Sales, Speakers, Venues, etc.

Portal Management

Allows members to maintain their profiles and their organizations' profile. Includes Ecommerce, Registering, Renewing, Donations and all typical Membership related functions.

Member Program Management

Allows staff to setup new programs, new revenue streams, apply simple rules to programs and create an online presence so members can purchase these programs.

Workflow Management

Workflow allows users to automate and include consistent business rules to allow for maximum efficiency. Thus allowing your organization to easily configure rules that manage certifications. Ex: Send welcome packets, notify Membership Department when new organization joins that has > $10M annual revenue, send out discounts for members who abandoned shopping carts, etc.

Advanced Rules Management

The Altai Rules engine is an extremely flexible module that allows you to:


  • Configure business rules that are complex but change from time to time. Create rules using a visual designer.
  • Import and export rule sets.
  • Version rules - i.e. create rules that expire on specific dates and see which rules applied to which applications.
  • Visualize business process and see which rules passed and which rules failed.

Ex:  Allow application to move to next stage when either test scores average 80% for type A classes or transcripts from accredited university’s average 80% or higher in classes.





Advanced Portal Management

Allows different rules and workflows to control the content that applicants and those renewing their certifications see when they are using the portal.


Unlike most systems, our Web Part engine allows you to use almost any popular Content Management System to manage the certification lifecycle.


Business processes can be created in CRM with the CRM Form Designer, add business rules for that particular certification and the entire business process is created as a Web Part that can be put into the system. We have native Web Parts for SiteCore, DNN, SharePoint and many others. We also have a web services suite for WordPress.




Application Management

Allows applicants to apply for a certification and have the system manage the revenue, the business rules, the communications and the web content for a particular certification between the organization and the member.


Certification Management

Allows applicants to enter, upload and self-maintain all the requirements to retain their certifications.  From payments to transcripts to references to job history, etc., any data fields in CRM can be exposed and captured on the portal (WITHOUT CODE!).



Re-certification Management

Allows users to configure advanced business rules to control when and how a person must re-certify. It has all the features needed for cyclic re-certification programs.


Testing Management

Supports simple testing and has a complete API that allows for integration to more advanced LMS and testing platforms.


Education Management

Supports simple testing and has a complete API that allows for integration to more advanced LMS and testing platforms.


And more!




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