Business Intelligence Isn't Just for "Business"

"Business Intelligence" (BI) is a term that is often tossed around in the "for profit" business world, but BI is quickly becoming an integral part of the association and nonprofit world as well. BI helps create a cross functional 360 degree view of an organization's practices, membership trends, advocacy and more to combine them for use in analysis and strategic planning.  The purpose of BI is to support better executive decision making, and the use of BI is to actively inform decision makers in real time on up to the minute changes happening in and around the organization. 


Power BI

Because Altai Systems' AMS is built within the Microsoft Dynamics® 365 platform, we offer the Dynamics 365 Power BI capability. Power BI is the ultimate in business intelligence offering ways to simplify management, maintain compliance and keep data secure while still giving access to information for people who need it. Preparing reports for board meetings can now be completed quickly with both ease and accuracy.

Experience the difference Power BI and Altai Systems can do for your organization. Email today to learn more.

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