Altai School Board Associations Solution

Altai’s School Board Association Solution is built upon the Microsoft CRM platform which is then enhanced to meet the specific needs of School Board Associations. 

School boards are faced with a variety of challenges from changing business needs to coping with new regulatory requirements on a weekly basis.

  • Older systems don’t grow as fast as business needs change. Older IT systems cannot be modified fast enough to keep up with business needs. 
  • New regulation require new data points and reporting that is impossible or expensive to get from the legacy systems. 
  • Users are performing 1-2 hours of workarounds on a daily bases to perform their jobs because system is easy to use.
  • Systems are not able to automate simple business process and the cost to customize them is prohibitive.
  • Member history management, Dues and renewals billing, integrated event management.

Microsoft CRM provides contact management, marketing management, work flow automation, activity management, email integration and many other features.


Altai’s Association Management Solution (AMS) provides for Dues and Renewal Management, Event Management, Web Portal Management, Committee Management, Subscription Management, Web and mobile E-commerce etc.


Altai’s School Board Association Solution (SBA) add-on provides for Region Management, District Management, position management, etc.


Altai tracks members across school systems, positions, etc. Our system allows a superintendent to work across multiple school districts. Our event management system was designed for school boards so that an assistant can register staff from multiple school districts to events and sessions. From one screen you can send the Principal on one educational track and the school psychologist on a completely different track while tracking the monetary implications, etc.


Altai has successfully implemented our solution for School Board Associations around the country. We understand your specific needs feel our integrative solution will save your association time and money. Contact us for a demo today!

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